Jim Murphy, Taxman, makes a handsome $240,000 salary plucked directly out of tax dollars collected from local small businesses. What’s more, he spent the last session in Austin lobbying for Dallas-based real estate developers.

While he is fine living large off of tax dollars, Taxman Murphy shortchanged the Children’s Health Insurance Program, pre-Kindergarten programs, and textbook funding.

And when the Taxman had the chance to stand up for Texas teachers, he voted against giving them a pay raise.  This one vote could have helped retain and attract more high quality teachers.  Why didn’t he?  Taxman Murphy just doesn’t think Texas teachers deserve to be paid as well as teachers in other states.

When the Taxman cometh, Texas families lose.  Taxman Murphy voted against doubling the homestead exemption for average families, while giving more property tax relief to big, polluting plants and large-scale commercial property owners – much like the real estate developers he lobbied for.

Taxman Murphy.  He looks out for his pocketbook and those lucky enough to be his big business buddies.  Then he sticks you with the tax bill.